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It’s me, LeohEmon, have been writing in my website,, for a long time in a very multitude way as this is my personal site. This my education and learning site that is speculative and suggestive and sharing views regarding religious- philosophical and the related as well.

Here, we always go for your privacy system that induces our confidence among one another.

I will just ask for some limitations regarding my theoretical and much read experience like sharing frankly knowledge that I think is a must to me and everyone learned in the same.

You will get here mostly about Islamic thinking as well as hypothetical but interesting to read context that will certainly attract your contemplation for they are of contemporary thinking around us nationally and internationally.

Copy Right:

Any of my information, contents, logos, images, videos, documents provided in this website is fully occupied to my possession. And none is allowed to copy them otherwise without my approval approved.

Official or non- official use or misuse of them is strictly prohibited and any liability of these types’ acts will not be borne by me.

Editing or changes: / My disclamation:

I do have the rights to change my privacy policy according to the necessity by me independently,

Any mistake will be reviewed and corrected in its revision,

I reserve to opine my learning legally,

All the suggestive education and variety of my knowledge will be shared with you with a conscience

If you have any query and suggestion, please contact me positive and proactively.